Teleprompters For Video

Check out all the specialized teleprompter systems we offer!


Our freestanding models are mounted to their own independent stand and not attached to the camera. These are placed in front of any camera that is stationary. Since a freestanding teleprompter is not attached to the camera, it doesn't add weight to the tripod and can be moved away quickly when needed. These prompters allow the full range of shots, from full-body to close-up.


A teleprompter that connects to the camera's mounting plate, so it moves with the camera. On-camera options are perfect for jibs, sliders, dollies, or any shot where the camera needs to move, pan, or tilt.


Jib & Steadicam

When the camera is flying on a jib or floating on a Steadicam, you need a light and bright teleprompter that enables a wide angle of view. For complete freedom when on a jib or Steadicam, Eyeline can provide battery-operated and wireless systems.



Our outdoor teleprompter rentals feature high brightness that allows the script to be seen outside, even in the dark. We pride ourselves on the ability to work with you anywhere and at any time of the day or night.


Often used with a handheld camera, the above-the-lens teleprompter has no mirror assembly. This makes it the lightest configuration available.


Used for any shot when the talent is not looking into the lens. Off-camera teleprompters are great when 2 or more actors are having a conversation.

Battery Operated

For locations where the availability of power is in question, Eyeline offers battery-operated teleprompters. Our small Honda generators are another excellent solution.


Our wireless teleprompter system allows complete freedom for the camera. Wireless works great for Steadicams or live events in public locations with a lot of foot traffic.


A PowerPoint presentation is sometimes all that's needed to prompt a presenter. Our large 21" HD on-camera systems make their slides easy to see so the presentation can be given directly into the lens.

We can help determine which setup best meets your needs. Be sure to contact us as soon as possible to reserve us for your event in the San Francisco Bay Area.